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Testimonials by Our Trainees

I am v.vishanavi doing my B.Tech CSE 4th year from SRM University. I cause in touch with UNIQ technologies with the implant training which I did during my summer vacation. I was very impressed by the emperies which their staffs have, and so I joined their Java course. Mr.Hussain has mad e java learning very interesting. They make sure I undersand every minute detail and reasons out every syntax or structure with substantiate examples. He gives a task to do in every class and thus makes me self learn and prouder upon many things that JAVA includes. I am very thankful to him and UNIQ technologies for the JAVA course that I am undergoing which has helps me a long way through my placement projects and curriculum.

I am DIVAMENON from SRM UNIVERSITY attending JAVA class at UNIQ technologies. The class is very interesting and informative. I am amazed by the dedication and teaching of the staff Mr. Hussain has thought JAVA from the very basic and have been hesitant to clarifying any doubt a query. He has constantly supported us in entering out and trying different program. It was a experience learning from this institute .

The implant training is very useful for us. We learnt more that we don’t it is very useful during the course of placements section. To create web pages on our own the flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop is necessary. Without attending this class. I cannot know about it. The basics taught here is very useful and I will do my best to develop the web page and host it in the website.

In plant training was really useful as a non IT students, I felt so difficult about these kind of software course initially. But in plant training was very easy and interesting. The trainers who teach us helped well and all the sessions were interesting and useful. The course went very fast. Flash and Dreamweaver class were the most interesting of all. Thanks to all UNIQ technologies that helped us for completing this course successfully.

Flash and Dreamweaver class rally interesting learnt a lot, really practical. We worked out and learned many things Photoshop, we were not guided well just telling the name and usage of the icons dint helped us. That may come through practice. But that’s somewhat difficult for us to follow. Theory classes are good the materials provided by you are also good
Surya.R, vellammal engineering college.

This is the practical training so it will increase my knowledge about web designing. This is very useful to me for creating the web designs. The classes are very interesting, since it is not likes a theory class. We worked out for some time. We can easily ask doubts about the web design. I am increased my knowledge about the web design practically and also theoretically. And also they provided CD disk for web design it will be very useful to my future uses.

The class we had here on web designing was really good. Flash Photoshop Dreamweaver everything was fine but we were just explaining about the basic. We long for coding also because all the APPS that are provided there are used in designing only basic forms and we are interesting in going in-depth. So if you send us the extra detail. It will erasable us to get more knowledge in the particular field, and it will also reachable us to become a good web designer also, but the classes we had here was really useful.

I am really pleased to get implant training in UINQ TECHNOLOGIES. I has a good time and learned a lot on which I was interested. My passion is photo editing, video editing and such creative works. I had a great platform here and hope this will help my career. I am really thankful to all the teachers who were very patient in teaching me. They all took individual care and helped a lot, So, Thank to UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES.

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