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Inplant Training for Mechanical

CAD - Computer Aided Design
  • 2D
  • Checking Your Drawings
  • Object Snap
  • Fillets
  • Object Properties
  • Trimming and Extending
  • Offsetting Objects
  • 3D
  • Checking Your Drawings
  • Object Snap
  • Fillets
  • Object Properties
Microstation - V8i
  • AccuDraw in 3D
  • Smartline & Modify
  • Cells, Patterns & Complex Elements
  • Manipulating and modifying 3D models
  • Sketchup
  • Working with Dynamic Views
  • File Format & Color Modes
  • Alignment and Blending Mode
  • Ruler Grid and Snap
  • Creating Vector Objects
  • Clone Tool
  • Creating Shapes
  • Drawing and Editing Vector Shapes
  • Selection Tool and Masking Techniques

Inplant Training in Chennai for MECHANICAL

If there is one field that is least hit by the recession tsunami, it is Mechanical Engineering. It is always the most sought after stream after software engineering. With World famous car makers, making their way into the Indian automobile market, there is a need to mechanical students to take some extra steps to stand out uniq(ue) in the eyes of these employers.

Welcome to Uniq technologies! We are the market leaders in software projects and practices and now we have expanded our business to service the mechanical sector. We, at Uniq, always feel that a mechanical student has to have a complete knowledge of software tools used for modelling machine. Truthfully speaking, even a non-mechanical student with an expertise in these software tools is able earn salary in lakhs. Considering this fact, we have formed a team of experienced mechanical-software solution providers from top-notch automobile companies and have framed a syllabus that is a suit fit for you.

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