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InPlant Training for EEE

Interface Devices
  • GSM Modem
  • Finger Print Module
  • RFID Tag & Reader
  • KeyPad Matrix
Electronic Devices
  • CMOS
  • BIOS
  • Power Cables
  • SMPS Functions
  • Processor
Communication Protocol
  • Ethernet
  • Router to System
  • Communications
  • System to System
  • Communications
  • Inter Integrated Circuits
  • Serial Peripheral
  • Interface
Image Processing
  • 2D – 3D conversions
  • Object Tracking
Android App Development
  • Overview
  • Network Provider

Inplant Training in Chennai for EEE

Why IPT for EEE?
* Inplant training implants the confidence in students to strive to achieve big.
* It gives the exposure and bridges the technical gap between theory, you learn in books, and practice, you see in your core industry.
* In training, students will have an opportunity to study a problem in industrial perspective.
* Besides, the routine ROTE-based learning, inplant training is an opportunity for students to get to know what it is like in the place they will be employed, in future.
* It would be no surprise, when you come across a day when MNCs mandate industrial training during campus interviews. So get qualified, even before you are expected to.
* Inplant training is no separate activity. It is a part of your academics.

Why IPT for EEE @ UNIQ?
* Our certificate is sure to show you UNIQ(UE) in the eyes of your interviewer.
* We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which means we mimic the processes and procedures which MNCs practice.
* Our lab facilities are high-tech.
* We have guests from MNCs to give you tips dug from their experience bank. These are sure to enrich your knowledge.
* We transform you from "students" to "professionals".
* We wish to be associated with you even after your training, so we come forward with a uniq(ue) offer of providing you FREE career guidance, throughout your tenure as a student.
* To keep you interested in our training sessions, we make sure that we set aside time for activities like group discussion, mock interview etc. This will serve to help you in your campus interviews.

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