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InPlant Training for CSE

Software Development
  • Requirement Analysis
  • HLD & LLD
  • Development
    • Database Construction
    • Server Side Scripting
  • Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Regression Testing
  • Deployment
  • Rational Rose
  • Visio
  • Development
    • Oracle/MySQL
    • J2EE (Eclipse)
  • Testing
    • Load Runner
    • QTP
  • Tomcat/JBoss
Website Development
  • Domain Registration
  • IP Address Mapping
  • Tools
    • Photoshop
    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash
  • Hosting
  • Design Your Own Website
    Students Work

Inplant Training in Chennai for CSE

Why IPT for CSE?
* Inplant training is a hands-on exposure on industrial processes and procedures provided to beginners in that field.
* It helps a student to have a peek into the working of an organization and to prepare oneself professionally.
* It motivates students to aim to get placed in such companies.
* IT industries recognize inplant training certificates obtained from a recognized company.
* The software development procedures and processes used in industries differ from those that is mentioned in college texts. The former are more client and delivery focused practically.

Why IPT for CSE @ UNIQ?
* Only after attending our inplant training sessions, can a student transform himself from a "student" to "professional". * We mimic the software developement procedures followed in MNCs. This is an added advantage on the students part. * We provide Inplant training for students to enhance their knowledge on software development processes, procedures and tools. * We begin with the Requirements analysis phase by gathering user ideas and modelling it through UML. We teach you the Rational Rose tool for this purpose. * The next step in the development process includes Design, which is further split into high-level and low-level design. We will teach you Visio and Borland tools for these, respectively. * The core of the development process is code construction. We equip you with Netbeans or Eclipse IDE and teach you to transform the design into reality, using Java. * The heart of any data intensive application is DBMS. Oracle and Mysql are being the widely used for this purpose. So we will make you focus on these. * No code is deployed without testing it. The more the number of bugs found, the better is said to be the testing process. We,at UNIQ, equip you with tools like QTP and LoadRunner and make you test your own code and make it perfect for deployment. * Finally, you will have the happiness of deploying your code in a local server, running Tomcat or JBoss. * All your development activities will be formally documented as per industry standards. * Thats not all, as our part of website development training, we train you the intricacies of Domain Registration, IP address mapping, Webpage development using tools like Photoshop,Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver.

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